Journey To Gratitude & Contentment (2)

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The truth is that sometimes no matter how hard we work or how much we try; we may never reach some of our goals and aspirations. This, however, shouldn’t stop us from being grateful, contented and happy. Feeling these three; that is gratefulness, contentment and happiness allow us to see that we are surrounded with so much goodness and our life doesn’t really suck as much as we assumed.

When we are able to process this, we will realize that there are still so many options we can tap into aside our plan A, that is, there is always a plan B-Z!

One thing I had to face eventually was that, if I don’t learn how to be happy and contented without the things I want and with the things I am already given; I will NEVER BE happy and contented even when I get the things I believe I want!

Getting here took me through a lot of emotional and psychological pains but on the 28th of November, 2017, through the rahmah of Allah, I was able to reach that point where I can finally say that “I am contented” Alhamdulillah Robbil Alameen.


An excerpt from my Journal;

“Towards the evening time, I suddenly felt this heaviness in my soul; like I am not trying enough. I felt like I am not working hard enough like other people. I felt this way till I said my maghrib and ishai Sallah. So many thoughts kept running through my mind and I keep asking myself what is it that I seem to be doing wrong. Why do I feel this restlessness and emptiness in my soul?

Then as I was about to say my salahtul witr, my children started pulling at my hijab and we were all laughing together, I felt the heaviness lifted off my soul and it suddenly occurred to me that what I lacked is contentment.

I am not contented with where Allah has put me. I complain that my children tied me down, what if this is what Allah want for me; to be the most amazing mum to these gifts that no amount of money can ever buy.

For a very long time in my life even before I ever thought of marriage, I have carried this ambitions that I need to have money, be financially independent so that I can support my husband, take care of my parents and do more charity in shaa Allah.

There is nothing wrong with this ambition, but I have let it define my life for too long such that I can’t even be contented without achieving it. 

I have unconciously allowed myself to believe there are certain things I should be doing as expected by the society and because I am unable to do them, I am being seen as a failure.

The question I asked myself is”what will I say I was able to achieve in this moment and with all that I have already been given?”

This was the complete turning point for me. I became a different person from that day. I started planning; thinking differently and I began to look for ways to make the best use of my NOW moments. Once I was able to do this, Alhamdulillah, things began to look better for me emotionally, physically and financially.

And [remember] when your Lord proclaimed, ‘If you are grateful, I will surely increase you [in favor];” (Q 14:7)


Contentment doesn’t mean you should stay put and don’t take any actions concerning your dreams, it means, the ability to be grateful and happy whether or not those dreams come true. The ability to ignore what the society thinks as long as you are happy with what Allah (S) has decreed for you.

One of the beauties of Islam is Tawwakul; trusting in Allah (S) and total reliance upon HIM in all of your affairs. Knowing that when those dreams come true, it is the will of Allah, and when they don’t, it is also the will of Allah (S) and believing that HE certainly have a better plan for you!


I still have my very bad days; I cry and sometimes get a bit worried, these are the things that make me human. But those sad feelings no longer have the power to pull me down because I have complete trust in Allah (S) knowing that HIS decrees are ever just and evil is never attributed to my Lord!

I will love to add these words by Annah Hariri with the hope that it inspires someone to live a contented life.

“Do not live by standards of others but be happy with what Allah has decreed to you. 
There is a wonderful freedom in living life by your own design and making choices for yourself. 
If you’re happy, you don’t necessarily need to have career, family and kids, a car. You’re just happy because you are content with what Allah decreed for you!”

May Allah (S) grant us a heart that trusts in His decrees, and the gift of a life filled with contentment.

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