As Salam Alykum…


MUSLIMAH LIFESTYLE HUB started in 2016 out of the need to create an impactful online platform for Muslim Sisters to connect through their stories.

Over the years we have evolved in several ways, our contents have changed, we have made mistakes, we have even thought of giving up, but our WHY which has remained the same and the grace of Allah has kept us going.

Our Vision.

To build a community of Muslim sisters connected through the power of STORYTELLING, SELF-CARE, GIVING and committed to INSPIRING good in one another and their community bithinillah.

What We Do

MLHBlog we publish stories of Muslim Sisters from different walks of life. Their stories of resilience in the face of challenges and courage in the face of fear to inspire and empower each other. These stories are obtained through interviews and those submitted for publication on our blog.

We also publish articles on parenting tips, relationship, self-love and self-care, Muslim Teen girl and Muslimah Lifestyle generally.

MLHCharity We strive in our own little ways to support charity organizations focused on bettering the lives and putting smiles on the face of orphans, under privilege and no privilege children.

We hope to achieve these through volunteer works, charity drive, and events bithinillah.

Our Why

To build a platform that inspires Muslim sisters to embrace themselves, put their trust in Allah (S), and be a better version of themselves bithinillah. To help contribute to the life of the underprivileged Nigerian child; one child at a time in shaa Allah.

Our Audience

Every Muslim woman who seeks support and want to give support, who needs to feel that she is not alone in her struggles; students, professionals, homemakers, entrepreneurs, single, married, grown-ups and teens.

May all who come here find true inspirations and be empowered.

Every mistake is mine (may Allah (S) forgive me), and whatever perfection you may find therein belongs to Allah (S).
May Allah (S) make it beneficial for us all.

Your Sister
Azeezah Salau-Mohammed